Abortion Q&A

Are You Asking “Should I Have an Abortion?”

Pregnancy & Abortion: Facts, Information, Options and Alternatives

If you are interested in abortion information, options or alternatives the WomenSource clinic can provide you with advice and counseling about alternatives to abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure; you deserve to know the risks. You have the right to make an informed decision. First, however, you should confirm that you are indeed pregnant. WomenSource provides free pregnancy tests. Call (763) 208-0076 for an appointment today. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Perhaps the father of the baby is insisting on an abortion. Maybe you think you can’t tell anyone about your pregnancy or that you aren’t ready to be a parent. If you are like most women, you can talk about almost anything. We talk about our relationships, about menstruation, about our complexions or wrinkles (depending on our age), about pregnancies and delivering our babies, about challenges raising our children. We talk about most everything, no matter how personal the subject. Except abortion. Abortion is the deep, dark secret that women don’t talk about. So if you are considering an abortion, who can you talk to? The experienced client advocates at WomenSource can help you with the challenges you are facing. They know the facts about abortion, the risks and the alternatives.

Advice and Counseling About Abortion Alternatives

If you don’t feel capable of parenting your child, adoption (placing your child in a loving home) is a viable and compassionate alternative to abortion. Our advocates can provide you information about adoption and resources for arranging an adoption.

Parenting can be such a joy. We would love to assist you in learning to become the best parent you can be. We offer a number of classes on parenting, including classes where you can “Step Forward” with items such as diapers, formula, baby wipes, and baby supplies.