Step Forward Incentive Program

Step Forward

Get educated, earn points, be empowered, Step Forward!

Step Forward ProgramThe Step Forward program is an opportunity for you to earn points by attending individualized classes on topics related to pregnancy, parenting, and life skills, such as budgeting. Other topics include prenatal care, fetal development, breastfeeding, labor and delivery, healthy relationships and more.

Here’s how it works! We’d like you to come in every other week by appointment. You’ll meet with a trained advocate for up to an hour per session.

You may earn up to 200 points before your baby is born. Then, as you are able, we would love to continue walking with you on your journey with your new little one. You may earn up to 100 additional points after delivery. You may redeem your points for new items such as a pack n play, car seat, stroller, high chair or baby swing, diapers, formula, baby clothes & bedding and so much more. To give you an idea of how valuable our program is, you can take home a new car seat after just two classes!

Once enrolled in the Step Forward program you are also eligible to receive Practical Assistance every other month. This includes free diapers, wipes, formula, and gently-used baby clothes and maternity clothes. You will also have opportunity to participate in other optional programs and events such as support groups for expecting mothers and new mothers.

Here’s what our Step Forward clients have to say:
“I loved the support and excitement my mentors provided me throughout my pregnancy. The encouraging, friendly attitude helped me learn so much! The ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’ DVD & discussion was very helpful for newborn care, plus ‘The Secret Garden of Pregnancy’ answered so many of my questions about pregnancy. I earned clothes, a stroller, baby bouncer, toys – so many great things for a new baby!”

“I was worried at first thinking I was going to be judged, but you opened your arms to me & I felt ‘human.’ I was surprised at how much I learned!”

“I came in at first feeling scared and alone, and now feel loved (my baby, too!), and that everyone truly cares about us. The maternity clothing really helped a lot. Saved me a ton of money! I also learned plenty from the first aid video.”

“I love learning tips & tricks about preparing for baby that I wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. Very useful now that baby is here!”

Are you interested in learning more about our program? Contact us today at 763.208.0076, or We’re thrilled to truly help you Step Forward!