Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling

unplanned pregnancy counselingCounseling Center for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

Are you in crisis because you are facing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you looking for a pregnancy help center where you can get free counseling and other services? The WomenSource crisis pregnancy clinic can help.

WomenSource provides free pregnancy testing, and unplanned pregnancy counseling and information for many of the things you are probably looking for. We start by providing counseling regarding the myriad of choices you are facing. If you are contemplating abortion, we can help determine the consequences and risks associated with that alternative. If you are considering adoption or keeping your baby, we can provide help, counseling and referrals for services to support you throughout your pregnancy. We can help eliminate the crisis from your pregnancy. We provide counseling and referrals for medical insurance, financial help, low-income housing, relationship help, family counseling and support, parenting classes and many other topics that are probably weighing on your mind. Many women facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy feel alone. But at WomenSource we provide free and confidential help, services and counseling for crisis pregnancies.

Free Counseling Services

The WomenSource clinic provides free services and compassionate, non-judgmental and life-affirming help for women and families facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies. Whether you are looking for a free pregnancy test, counseling for where to find additional help, services or financial aid, or just someone to talk to regarding your unplanned or crisis pregnancy and the choices you are facing, we can help. Call us today at 763-208-0076!