Minnesota Pregnancy Clinic Help and Support

Help and Support Available in our Minnesota Pregnancy ClinicUnwanted or unplanned pregnancies create multiple worries. Are you worried about whether or not you will make an effective parent; wondering what prenatal care you should be obtaining; concerned about how to care for a newborn infant; anxious about how to find the financial resources to pay for the pregnancy or delivery and a child (or another child) in the household? Part of the support and help we provide in our clinic, located in Anoka, Minnesota, includes instruction on prenatal care and parenting classes; and time spent learning this information through our Earn-While-You-Learn program can be exchanged for “Baby Bucks” that can be used to obtain essentials you will require from our Baby Boutique.

Many women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy are also confronted with complications in their relationships, distressed significant others, pressure from family members or diminishing familial support, peer pressure and other challenges. The WomenSource help and support clinic will provide assistance in addressing these challenges and facilitating effective and long-lasting resolutions; we also provide support and counseling resources for fathers and various family members.

Many women confronted by unplanned or unwanted pregnancies are confused, scared, bewildered, frightened, perplexed, disconcerted or just plain petrified. WomenSource provides the professional help, advocacy and support in our Minnesota pregnancy clinic that you require. Spend time with our experienced client advocates. These counselors can answer your questions, help you explore your alternatives, and provide referrals to numerous additional resources that are available to you.

The WomenSource help and support Minnesota pregnancy clinic is your best alternative when faced with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.